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What Makes Us Special?

Our lovely chilled out and relaxed environment

We are located on the Devon/Cornwall border just outside of Plymouth. To us, it's the best place in the world for a holiday!

Fees from £15 per day

1 Cat: £15
2 Cats Sharing: £25

☀️  1 Cat £15  ☀️   2 Cats Sharing £25  ☀️

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A Cat's Holiday?

A holiday for cats is all about being given plenty of choices in a peaceful and tranquil place, where they feel safe to explore and enjoy life.

Cats can be active, gazing out into the sunshine with their paws on soft bedding or resting on different levels, having fun with interactive toys, watching the wildlife, sniffing out treats. They love being somewhere with plenty to do and watch.

A familiar place to come back to and meet up with us again. It's where there's always something to watch and be interested in. Or just being lazy, having a cat nap and recharging ready to go again!

We provide new daily adventures that cats will love while they're away from home.

We are fully committed to providing the best possible care for every pet boarding with us.

What our cat holidays look like:

Caring and Friendly

With just 7 cat units we naturally have plenty of individual time for every cat in a peaceful rural setting, our cattery is purrfect for cats requiring a more caring and personal service with individual attention.

It's simple: having just a few cats here means a calm and quiet place and most importantly - we are friendly, caring and welcoming.

View of cattery building from courtyard with rattan table and chairs and sunny yellow parasol

Our Staff

Knowledge and Experience

We Provide a 5 Star Stay.

As a small business we do not spread ourselves thinly. What makes us unique is that we are specialists in providing more time with the animals.

It's vital to us that cats feel loved, cared for and safe while they are with us.

All of our staff are trained in Animal First Aid and have qualifications in Animal Care. You can meet us and find out more About Us here.

We love to give one-to-one time and we pay attention to the details that make every guest happy. Just Visit Us on Facebook to see what's going on right now.

Luxury grey velvet cat sofa with pretty cushion, toys, throw and non-slip rug

Sleepy Time

Different Options

We provide a variety of beds, soft comfy cushions and rugs to let the cats sleep, stretch out and relax on. They can play in many different places and levels. Comfort, rest, play and stimulation are available to every cat staying with us.

Because we have fewer cats, they can see/hear us all the time and have continual company - just the way we like it!

Heated personally - special attention is given to heating depending on your cat's particular needs.

The cattery is bright, warm and dry and cats get exercise and play periods with us, as well as access to their outside run whenever they want to see what is going on in the pretty courtyard garden.

It is important to us that we spend quality time on a one-to-one basis with your cat.

Grey velvet sofa cat bed with colourful non-slip rug underneath and cheerful flowery cushuion, toys and a soft pink velvet throw

Comfort Items

We want to help your cat relax and feel settled quickly and more at home with us.

Bringing your cat's favourite and familiar things is such an easy way to bring comfort.

We all love our home comforts, don't we?

So, we encourage you to bring your cat's favourite items to help settle them in as quickly as possible.

This can be anything from their own bedding and toys and an item from you or home to comfort them, plus of course your own food and treats if you would like.

Cat cuddled up inside a soft sherpa-lined igloo bed


It's important (mentally and physically) for cats to play, sniff, run, jump, climb and stretch their legs and just to be cats.

Every cat unit has its own large play area with steps or ladders for older cats and higher shelves as play station platforms for active cats. We adjust the items according to their needs and your requests, and their preferences of course!

Black and white cat playing with a cage ball with a furry toy inside whilst playing on a large cat tree

Play Time

Busy Paws

As well as cuddling and playing with our guests throughout the day, we also provide some very exciting and novel toys in their secure play areas.

These can incorporate things to chase of course, but also more sensual items that are interesting to touch and use.

Freedom !

We play with the cats using their favourite toys such as characters, balls and wands.

We provide company one-to-one and it offers so much more.

Fun !

CatIt Senses play track


Our ethos is to provide quality care for every animal. The cats get a lot of attention and affection. They are part of the family here. For us, it's about being kind and looking after them as if they were our own.

We get very attached to our guests. We take personal pride in ensuring they get everything they need and they are constantly monitored as we continually walk past and can check on them. It's just about being compassionate - one Meow and we have to go in - we fall in love with them!

We provide a gourmet range of food for our guests.

We have a luxury biodegradable cat litter.

As you can see, we have decorated and furnished the rooms beautifully, softly and luxuriously. We have non-slip rugs and special ladders for cats who need that extra bit of help getting around.

We are very particular about hygiene and keep their rooms spotlessly clean as everything is cleaned daily.

Cat peeking out from the middle platform of a cat tree

Goldilocks Cattery

Yes - we try to get things 'just right' for our guests.

We provide just the right level of play, attention and exercise to help your cat stay calm and happy and interested in watching what's going on.

And there is always a variety of things going on here! With us, other guests, owners visiting, wildlife, scenic views, country air and big skies - with rainbows!

Pretty cat snuggling into soft throws and cushions

Cat Health


We carefully administer medication, jabs, tablets and care to your specification.


Your cat MUST have up-to-date inoculation cards, to be shown on arrival and kept on site until you collect your pet. You must bring it with you when checking in or we cannot accept your cat.

No Nasties!

Your cat MUST have been wormed and had an effective flea and tick treatment.

We just want to keep everyone healthy.

Two black and white cats relaxing on a grey velvet cat sofa
Secure cattery corridor
Cattery pens
Cattery ladder for elderly cats and two cat flap doors on two different levels leading to the sleeping area

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